How COVID-19 affects your holiday

Our tours - the new normal

Because of the effects of social distancing and staying safe as per Government guidelines we thought you might find it useful to know a few things that you will find differentwhen you join an Inside Track holiday.


We will provide facemasks along with your joining instructions for use when using public transport to join the holiday and where necessary during the holiday. When in an outside environment you are not obliged to wear them though in many indoor scenarios you are.

During the holiday

Coach travel – To comply with the 1m+ rule the number of people accommodated per coach will be limited, though the exact number varies depending upon the size of the coach. If the number of travellers exceeds our maximum a second coach will be hired. We will allocate seat number which will apply throughout the holiday and nobody will be sat in the front row. Individual coach companies have their own policies on the cleaning of touch points or the provision of sanitisers on board.

Hotels – Each hotel has its own safety policies and will inform you of such on arrival. We are finding that common practices extend to one-way systems, set-time dining and no daily housekeeping unless requested. One is also obliged to wear face coverings in all public areas such as at reception or in the corridors. Though naturally, this is not imposed in the bar or restaurant.

Visits – The attractions we visit will also have individual policies appropriately tailored to their premises and each will advise what these are on arrival or it will be obvious. Tourist railways tend to be operating round trips so as to only utilise one station and are not always running their full operating length. The majority of attractions now insist on pre-paid time- slots to control capacity.

Bubbles – During the days out you will be formed into bubblesenabling us to comply with the capacity restraints now existing. Couples will be paired to make groups of 4 and singles also formed into fours. This is perfectly acceptable within the government guidelines on meeting other people outside of your own household.

Track and trace – As we are in possession of all Clients contact details we are obliged to pass these on to the NHS track and trace programme should there be an incidence at any venue we have visited during the holiday. The NHS would then contact you directly.

Remember, holidays should be fun and still can be.
Lets not be scared of these differences, its just the way it is!